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Valentine's Day Dinner Pop-up w/ Paradigm

About the Chef:
In April 2018, Chef Derek Ray left his position running two of the top 25 restaurants in Denver to feed his hunger for traveling the world.
From May (2019) until January (2020) he traveled from South Korea and Southern Asia to New Zealand, working at 2 and 3 hat restaurants (hats are the equivalent of Michelin stars in New Zealand).
Derek worked with chef Vaughan Mabee (a former sous chef of Rene Redzepi, the chef/owner of Noma, voted the best restaurant in the world 3 times); at Amisflield Bistro - 2 hats; Clooney restaurant in Auckland -3 hats; and Rata with Josh Emett (previous chef de cuisine for multiple Gordon Ramsey Michelin-starred restaurants).
After returning to the states, he opened up his own concept called Paradigm, where his focus on farm-to-table sustainability and creativity finds expression in pop-ups around the Panhandle.


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