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Total Eclipse of the Farm
The Aftermath




to the moon & back, thanks!

A message of thanks from the Wyo Wine-O Crew, our Friends, Family & those we suckered into helping - it was truly an honor to experience totality with you - while we may never cross paths (get it) again, we were so honored and thankful for such great guests -campers, visitors & eclipse watchers and to see our little slice of heaven in the world.  We've been hanging out, farming the land and making a go of the land over nearly 100 years - Yet you were there - you stood, camped, and expereince something no one else will on our land it was such an experience to share it with you - we will posting pics soon once we get some sleep but you can see some of eclipse eve pics from our  friends facebook page - Teresa Milner aka the dirt road wife - she took pics of all the fun! Make sure to post your pics and experiences with us on our Facebook page, find us on Twitter, Snap or Instata - @Wyowine  - tag us at #wyowine







Tshirts, Wine, & More

Maybe you got the wrong size, got lost in the shadow of the moon,or it was sold out but we still can help you! We still have a our wines, tees and stickers featuring the human, vineyard & wine experience we all shared.  We will take orders through next week and can ship to you!


Wine Requires a 3 Bottle Minimum Order ($20 Shipping with any amount ofwine/ T-Shirts over 3 bottles), Tshirts ($10 Shipping any amount).   See you at the next Eclipse in 2019 in Chile - email us at and we'd love to connect the group again down there! Our gang is ready - so join us! Amazing what brings all of us together.  Well until next time .....Cheers! 



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