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The Farm -The Zimmerer family farm was established in 1926, near Huntley, Wyoming. Four generations of the Zimmerer family have worked the soil, grown crops and kept the family farm in operation. The farm has seen sugar beets, beans, alfalfa, corn and a cattle feedlot operation. With such agriculture diversity, a vineyard operation wasn't too out of the ordinary - even in Wyoming!


The Vines-  In 2001, the vineyard was established as part of a research project gone wild. Patrick Zimmerer was completing his college education through the University of Wyoming and completed his senior thesis project on establishing vineyards in Wyoming.  After finishing his thesis, Patrick convinced his family to plant a small 300-vine vineyard on the farm.  After finding the vines survived Wyoming's challenging climate, TMV went full speed ahead.  TMV continued to expand its vineyard and to select grape varieties that thrive in Wyoming's climate. TMV's vineyard now spans nearly 10 acres and 10,000 vines.  The vineyard is composed of cold hardy hybrid grapes that can stand all the growing challenges Wyoming has to offer. The vineyard has 12 different grape varieties including: Frontenac, Frontenac Gris, Valiant, Marcheal Foch, Elvira, and Marquette. Learn more about our vineyard sites here.


The Wines  The vines were in the ground and growing, but what would become of them? Why not start a winery? It seemed like a logical continuation of the research project gone wild, after all. In 2004, Patrick and his sister Amie entered the University of Wyoming College of Business 10K Business Plan Competition. Patrick and Amie prepared and presented their business plan for the winery against 15 other teams within the competition. They took first place in the competition winning $10,000 from the University of Wyoming to carry forward the winery. In August 2004, TMV became a full-scaled winery. While its first vintage included 150 bottles of grapes wine, the winery has expanded as its vineyards have increased production. TMV also makes fruit and honey wine from Wyoming grown fruit. The winery is located on the family farm and produces a range of wines made from all Wyoming products. TMV's winery approach is simple...let the fruit do the talking. All TMV wines are fruit forward and contain minimal chemical additives. The wines made are from 100% Wyoming grown products and are full of "Wyoming Character."  Pure, Wyoming Grown Wine! Learn about our wines here.


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